Monday, 11 April 2011

What Is History?

Do you know where you were born? Were you born at a 
hospital, or at home? How much did you weigh when you were 
born? What did you have to eat for your first birthday?
You don’t remember being born, do you? And you probably 
don’t remember your first birthday party! So how can you find 
the answers to these questions?

You can ask your parents. They can tell you about things 
that happened long ago, before you were old enough to remember. They can tell you stories about when you were a baby.These stories are your “history.” Your history is the story of 
what happened to you from the moment you were born, all the 
way up to the present. You can learn this history by listening to 
your parents. They remember what happened when you were born. 
And they probably took pictures of you when you were a baby. You 
can learn even more about your history from these pictures. Did 
you have hair? Were you fat or thin? Are you smiling or frowning? 
What are you wearing? Do you remember those clothes?

You have a history!



all things happened in past are history

Amir Ashraf said...

i never want to remember my history. Full dark and dull memory.